Multi-language IV-Net

Translation Service

Today's economy is becoming more and more internationalised and we often need to communicate with colleagues and customers from other countries who speak a different language.  English is now spoken worldwide, although not always with the same level of expertise and while you may be able to communicate with your non-English speaking colleagues in English, there will be times when not everything will be fully understood.  IV-Net offers translation and design in several European languages such as French, German, Spanish, Dutch and Italian.

Document translation

We work with a global network of freelance translators who are able to handle virtually any type of document and language.  Whether your requirements are for translation of commercial documents or business communications, translation of your website into other languages, or help in adapting advertising and marketing material, your growing business will benefit from a quick and accurate service.

Web translation

A large number of companies and associations have already realised the advantages of providing either a partial or complete translation of their website.  We believe a translation of the entire website is preferable, though you may instead decide that you wish to have translated only those core pages on which your international offerings are highlighted.  Choosing some key pages for translation might be an alternative solution that fits your requirements.  In any case, we can help you find the best solution.

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