IV-Net Photography and picture library

Photography for web sites

No matter how good a website design is, without high quality photos the site will never achieve its full potential. Photos taken quickly, that have been ill thought out and often have shadows and poor lighting can very easily harm the appearance of a website.  The display of good photography on a web page is very important.

Professional Photography

Using digital photography, IV-Net can produce professional quality images at highly competitive rates.  And as websites always benefit from good quality photography, it is often an advantage to set aside some of your budget for a good photographer, particularly if you have the type of goods or services where good imagery will help you sell your product.  We can take photos for you at a very competitive rate.

Digital editing

IV-Net also provides manipulation, special effects and editing, digitally changing photographs to create new images and improving upon existing ones.  We are also able to restore your old or damaged photographs, using the latest photo technology to erase scratches, faded or damaged areas as well as making new pictures look old, using sepia tinting and other techniques.

Stock Photography

IV-Net provides stock pictures that are excellent value for money. We have access to royalty free pictures (with one off fee) as well as as photographs from all the major agencies.  (Usual copyright rules apply).


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