Database Design

We have been designing Databases for our customers since 1993.  We have created an Office Management Systems, Photo Library Databases, Ordering Systems for manufacturers, Point of Sales for restaurants, Stock and Inventory for various industries, etc.  From simple mailing lists to complex relational databases, we have the experience and knowledge to design and build a system that meets your needs.

Do you need a database?

  • Are you amassing large quantities of data that you could use to further your business?
  • Do you spend a lot of time keeping track of your inventory, or customer and supplier lists?
  • Do you have your own perfectly good system of record keeping which just doesn't match the standard packages available on the market?
  • Have you started working on your own database solution and run out of either time or know-how?
  • Do you need to generate purchase orders and invoices from within the database?

You know there is an easier way but you just don't have either the time or resources to figure it out.  We have!  We also have a large library of pre-written components which allows us to create a database to your specifications quickly and efficiently, saving you time and money in the process.  Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions.

Most businesses need a database

Databases are (or should be!) the backbone of any modern organisation, especially commercial ones. But what exactly is a database?  Well, the simplest and oldest database must be the modest address book!  In fact most databases start with just such an address book, but with the power of modern computers, a database can do a lot more!  Imagine an address book that can print perfect letters to all your customers, send email, track your stock, create reports on about anything and so much more.

Entire books are written on the subject!  A database can virtually be the running engine of a company and can range from a simple system on a single computer to a large multi-layered structure where each computer or workstation can be linked to a central server with a complex data structure.  And of course everything in between.

We can help

There are a lot of ready made database solutions, but they never allow much flexibility and in the end can be very difficult to manage.  Each organisation is different and often a “fit all” approach is counter productive and can also be expensive.  Nobody knows you business the way you do and sometime using someone else’s logic can be a frustrating experience.

Call us to discuss your requirements.

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