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IV-Net is a website and database design business

IV-Net is based in Launceston, Tasmania.  We specialise in affordable packages for small operators who don't necessarily have the technical know-how to successfully put together an easy and reliable computer system, or an interactive website.  We use our own templates and existing databases to customise brand new systems for each of our clients, making the implementation easy, integrated, and affordable. 

IV-Net has been offering Solutions to various companies, small businesses and government agencies for many years now.  We have designed and supported a wide range of programs such as a Point of Sale System for restaurants, Booking and Invoicing for hotels and guesthouses, a Photo Library as well as many other kinds of databases.

Our systems:

We design systems that run on a Mac or a PC platform, but regardless of the Operating System, always with the end user in mind.  Ease of use and an easy learning curve is a must for busy people.  Our clients don't want to spend days learning a new software or get frustrated trying to understand an obscure set of commands!  Computers systems are complex, but the complexity should, in our view, be well hidden under an easy to use interface.  Everything we design is graphically driven and easily understood.  After all, the best cars in the world are very complex, but also very easy to drive!  A good computer software should do the same.

By having a reliable and safe system in place, you can concentrate on what you do best: run your business and make money...

We can be contacted by phone on 03 6344 2594, or email: info@ivnet.com.au


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